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We know that CONNECT will be a great addition to your community. But don't take our word for it! Learn what real staff members and older adults have to say about the CONNECT app.

Video Testimonial
Memory Care Executive Director

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"CONNECT is simple enough to use [and] can transform a person from a passive recipient to an active participant. I am a big fan...I think this is exciting.”

Assisted Living Resident
North Andover, MA
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"The residents who used CONNECT were in different stages of dementia. It was something that they looked forward to. The best part was that the residents were able to choose the game that they wanted to participate in.

Most people would assume that using a tablet would be difficult for residents in a facility to use. This was not the case. They only had to press an attached button to click their response. This made it so easy for them to interact with the program and the group."

Allie Daniels
Activity Director
McGregor Home
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“CONNECT facilitates an environment that is very joyful. And that is at the end of the day what we strive for. My staff leave every day with a feeling of joy that they have done something— that they have made an impact. And we have the opportunity to give them that tool to make that impact, that is what it is all about.”

Nicole Morgan
Executive Director
AHAVA at Jewish Association on Aging
Michelle Boiardi 3.png

"Residents can successfully help lead these activities using the CONNECT app because it has been developed and designed thoughtfully, utilizing scripts and prompts. It is supportive and intuitive, and provides genuine interaction between people. It is almost miraculous to see a resident beam with pride, confidence, and animation when they are participating in a CONNECT group activity.

What is unique about the CONNECT app is that it has been created on the premise that those living with MCI or dementia are capable of using the technology. There was a preconceived positive belief that these individuals can successfully incorporate this type of activity into their days.


The activities are current, varied, and conversation promoting. The activities are age appropriate and do not infantilize the individuals using the app."

Michelle L. Boiardi, CADDCT, CDP
Regional Director of Operations, Northeast
HallKeen Assisted Living
Kim Brown enlarged.jpg

"The activities provided in the CONNECT app are outstanding! Our residents truly enjoy all that the app has to offer.  The CONNECT app activities are exactly what our residents look for. Each activity covers a vast variety of information that engages our residents and creates thoughtful dialogue among them. The CONNECT app is easy to use and gives our residents freedom and confidence to lead groups surrounded by their peers. I highly recommend this app to all assisted living and memory care professionals!"

Kimberly Brown
Activities Assistant
The Woodlands Inn at Edgewood
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