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Social Engagement for People Living with Memory Challenges

CONNECT is a groundbreaking evidence-based app, providing meaningful social connections for those facing memory-related challenges. The activities included in CONNECT, developed and tested in numerous NIH-funded clinical trials over the past 10 years, have been shown to improve social engagement, pleasure, and quality of life, while reducing responsive behaviors and depression. 

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CONNECT offers tablet-based activities suitable for older people with memory challenges.

In Groups

CONNECT fosters genuine social interaction among participants. Leveraging innovative features and an intuitive interface, CONNECT cultivates meaningful connections by making it easy for people to participate in social activities.


CONNECT also enables users to engage one-on-one with a staff or family member. This means that CONNECT is perfect both in long-term care for residents who may be uncomfortable in groups, and at home for older adults who receive home health services or assistance from a family member. As such, CONNECT caters to the diverse needs of all older adults with memory challenges, fostering a comfortable and inclusive environment.

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Older adults using CONNECT experience:

Enhanced Social Connections

Despite the prevalence of group activities in long-term care, genuine engagement and communication between residents is rarely observed. This distinctive platform fosters genuine interpersonal relationships.

"I love the program and all I want to do is scream from the mountains the benefits I have seen!"

View the video testimonial to learn why Nicole Morgan, Executive Director of AHAVA Memory Care, loves CONNECT!

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dementia alzheimer's using tablet

Become an Early Adopter!

Hopeful Aging is currently accepting applications for "Early Adopters" to receive benefits that will not be offered again at no cost, including: custom activity content, access to additional activity content at, extended and personalized Zoom-based orientation sessions, and more.

​CONTACT US now to schedule a demo and learn how you can become an Early Adopter.

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